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Venue Management System

Invest in a tailored Venue Management System to streamline and centralise member data, bookings, payments and even live scoring.

VMS allows sports clubs and facilities to manage their whole business from one easy to use dashboard. Alongside this dashboard VMS come with a companion iOS/Android App and website to promote the clubs bookable activities, take payment and allow check-in.


What is VMS?

At its core, VMS is a suite of products that allows clubs to be run in an efficient and smooth way. Its core philosophy is to remove the manual administration associated with running a sporting club, while allowing access to the products and services a club offers to as many end users as possible.


Key Features

A full suite of tools for both administrators, members and casual participants.

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"VMS has transformed every aspect of our Golf Club. With membership now managed in automatically we have more time to develop other aspects of our business."


Automated membership management. Everything from membership categories to Direct Debits is totally controlled from your VMS dashboard.


Create booking sheets on your VMS that appear on your app and website.

Live Scoring

Live scoring on your website and app lets participants and their friends see the action in real-time.


Full payment module integrated with major online payment providers. Take payment for bookings, memberships, competition entry and tickets for social events.

Point of Sale

POS terminals designed around easy of use and with smart suggestions that help staff increase sales during a face to face payment flow. Bar, shop and any other place you want to take customer payments.

Custom Website

Every Venue Management System comes with a fully customisable website. With dozens of pre built themes to choose from and the ability to apply your own branding, you can make it truly yours.


For Golfing venues our fully featured handicap module integrates with all governing body handicap databases and includes the new WHS calculation.

Virtual Caddy

Our in app virtual caddy give golfers a digital view of their exact location on the golf course, distance to the flag or a specified point on the hole as well as smart golf shot suggestion engine that recommends the correct play according to your game.

Tournament Tools

A full tournament system that allows you to create tournaments that can be accessed by multiple tiers of users. The golf tournaments come in multiple formats and allows app and website users to enter and pay.


Smart recommendations engines in VMS can push users towards more available products and services, as well as allowing users to find clubs that match their needs and interests.

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